In This With You was founded in early 2015 as a registered 501c3 nonprofit, and officially launched its online strategy in October of 2016. ITWY has three primary efforts when serving the needs of those who are struggling with a crisis pregnancy or after an abortion:

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1. Build a Community and Culture of Support

Through the “Raise Your Banner” social media mechanism, ITWY seeks to preemptively build an expansive community of everyday, loving people to provide relational, spiritual, and practical support for those struggling with a crisis pregnancy or after an abortion in response to the tendency of shame and isolation that often comes with these circumstances.

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2. Promote Redemptive Cultural Conversation

Through blogs, creative videos, and social media, ITWY desires to lead a redemptive and healthy conversation on how friends, families, and communities can walk on a personal level with their loved ones impacted by abortion and crisis pregnancies.

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3. Provide Free Quality Online Resources

ITWY builds and presents simple, practical, and free resources that promote redemptive and healthy actions for those in crisis and those who love them.

In What Ways is the ITWY Organization Unique?

1. ITWY is a response from a call from Jesus.
The founder of ITWY attributes the organization’s effort as a response to a supernatural calling experience from Jesus in 2013 to help people in these situations. Thus, ITWY as an organization intends to continually rely on Jesus’s active leading and follow His teachings found in the Scripture, while encouraging those it serves to embrace their own dynamic, intimate friendship and dependence on him.

2. ITWY is nonpolitical.
ITWY believes to best help those it serves, it is critical for the organization to intentionally decline the world of political stances, slogans, motivations, and actions. Being nonpolitical but not anti-political, ITWY at times may choose to interact with organizations and people (who may have pro-life or pro-choice political leanings) in hopes that ITWY’s perspectives will make an impact.

3. ITWY is life-affirming.
While the organization humbly rejects a political branded “pro-life” or “pro-choice” identity, ITWY absolutely affirms that life in the womb is indeed wonderfully human. This affirmation sees that all people are called to care for preborn members of humanity as a way of fulfilling God’s greatest expectation to “love your neighbor as yourself.” ITWY’s resources reflect this affirmation, yet it does not assume that obedience to love in this way is either easy or convenient in situations of crisis pregnancies.

4. ITWY focuses on addressing shame and fear’s influence.
While many engage in the abortion conversation with an ethical, personal rights, or political perspective, ITWY specializes in addressing how shame and fear impact and motivate those personally dealing with scenarios of pregnancy and abortion. Thus, ITWY’s resources are intended to be written without fear or shame tactics, but rather with focus on compassion, empathy, and courage.

5. ITWY is committed to loving and respecting it’s unfriendlies.
The cultural debate surrounding abortion often seems like a war zone especially on social media. Rather than engaging in this battle, ITWY follows Jesus in the commitment to loving and respecting other organizations and people even when there are foundational disagreements. Practically, this looks like a commitment to humility in communications, not taking offense when criticized, being motivated out of love rather than disagreement, and never judging, belittling, or attacking other organizations or people.