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In This With You is a movement of loving people like you who want to preemptively reach their friends who are silently struggling after an abortion or in a crisis pregnancy situation. The 5 Steps below help you spread the movement, stay connected, and reach your friends!

We at ITWY don’t want you to just follow us, we want you to JOIN us!! By joining/following ITWY on social media, you are member of the movement and can stay updated!

@chaneyks is a passionate and brave #BannerRaiser who is sharing her heart and story in our #BannerRaiserPortraits series. ---------------- "I was shocked and devastated when I found out that I was pregnant during my junior year of high school - not to mention, this was a private Christian school. These hallways hold a lot of emotions for me. This is where my life came crashing down. It was a difficult road to navigate at such a young age and truthfully, the very place that I was taught about Jesus was the place I feared judgement the most.” ------------- “As the news got out, it wasn’t those who judged and scolded me that drew me closer to Christ, it was the people who loved and encouraged me despite my mistakes. People who judged me or didn’t support my choice to become a mother made my journey harder to move forward. But in the end, every person, no matter what they offered or didn’t offer, shaped my faith in some way. Some made me cling to Jesus much tighter. Some made me pull away from Him. I’m just thankful there was more love than judgment and that even despite the times I pulled away from God, He kept drawing me back in." -------------- "Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my story with many other girls who were going through something very similar to what I had experienced. I found that they, too, were mostly afraid of how the people around them might respond. Because of this, God has given me a strong desire to help girls and women who are walking the path that I once walked. I want to help them be fearless and understand that God can bring redemption to any situation.”

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On Wednesday Oct. 4th, we will have a coordinated day for our whole online community to collectively #RaiseTheBanner by posting specific content on social media to preemptively reach more struggling people, raise awareness of the need, and invite new people into the movement! So, your involvement is critical to engaging your community with the message! Sign up below if you are interested in participating and we will send you periodic updates on how to prepare!

Movements are meant to be spread and grow! To help ITWY reach more people, please look below to see how to invite your friends to join our Facebook Page. Invite 10+ friends you think should know about ITWY.


Go to our Facebook Page and click on “Invite friends to like this page”


Go to a recent Instagram post you like and @copy a few of your friends, saying “I think you should follow this account as I believe you want to join their effort!”

The desire to help your friends is important, but you also need wisdom on what to do and what not to do! Read the two resources​ linked below to prepare yourself for how best to help your friend who might find themselves in a crisis pregnancy or struggle after an abortion.

In This With You – “We Are A Banner” Manifesto

With April being Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, we are (re)releasing the “We Are a Banner” video to show our community’s preemptive invitation of compassion and love to those with an abortion story.

The reality is that around 1 in 3 or 4 women will have an abortion in their lifetime. For many women and men, this decision carries a felt sense of emotional and spiritual devastation.

For that reason, In This With You exists to:

1 – Build a community of everyday people who #raisethebanner to commit to being a safe and gracious friend to open up to for those they know struggling after an abortion or in an unplanned pregnancy.

2 – Lead a redemptive, practical, and healthy online conversation on how friends, families, and communities can engage on a personal level with their loved ones impacted by abortion and crisis pregnancies through blogs, creative videos, and social media.

3 – Build and present simple, practical, and free online resources that promote redemptive and healthy actions for those in crisis and those who love them.


To find out more and to #raisethebanner visit:

Also, please SHARE and COMMENT below with your thoughts! 🙂

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