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In This With You is a registered tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on financial support of generous people like you to serve individuals struggling in these sensitive situations. Donations are tax deductible. Scroll down to donate and see our fundraising progress, budgets, core financial commitments, and current financials.

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Fundraising Progress

Last Updated June 1, 2017



of $150,000 Raised

Core Financial Commitments

As a new organization without an established reputation, ITWY has the following core commitments to steward donations and determine the future budget:

Transparency – Often there is a degree of suspicion to how nonprofits allocate their donations. Thus, ITWY desires to present both an accurate breakdown of how donations will be spent and updated financials.

Excellence – ITWY is committed to creating high quality content. This means excellence in video work, visual design, and internet technology to reach our target audience in the best way. Thus, there is a need to budget appropriate amounts towards the equipment and expertise required for such work.

Stewardship – While ITWY’s budget may be seen as salary heavy compared with other brick and mortar organizations, the dedicated online model differs from others in its capacity to reach the masses on a very limited budget. Thus, ITWY is dedicated to investing in ideas that are efficient and cost effective when compared to their reach. Furthermore, ITWY believes that having small team who is fairly paid doing in house work allows the organization to be nimble and appropriately steward its finances.

2017 Budget

While the following numbers are dependent on donations, they are faithful representations of ITWY’s planned spending for 2017.

Creative + ITWY Projects$25,000
Collaborative Projects $50,000
Salary for Director$40,000
  • Website
  • Creative + ITWY Projects
  • Administration
  • Travel
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Salary for Director

2016 Budget & Spending

CategoryBudgetedActual Spending
Admin. & Misc.$5,000$8,495.78
Wages for 1.5 Staff$46,000$35,480.00

Current Financials

To insure a high level of transparency to potential donors, the chart below reveals ITWY’s financials that are updated monthly.

Last Updated June 1, 2017

Current Assets$1,477
Accounts Owed$7,000
2017 Expenditures Thus Far$26,302
Recurring Monthly Donations$1,570
Amount of 2017 Budget of $150K Raised$27,150