We are a banner raised for you.
For you, our friend facing a hidden and wearisome pregnancy.
For you, our loved one silently struggling with a past abortion.
Though you haven’t told us yet,
We want to be in this with you.

We are a banner yearning to blanket you
With safe conversations and long hugs,
Listening ears that will not judge,
Prayers for a heart made whole,
And the promise to stand beside you.

We are a banner that refuses to be lifted as a weapon,
For many assume that the only way is a political warpath,
Full of slogans picketed on cardboard signs like swords,
But our path surrenders to see no people as enemies and seeks no earthly battles.
Rather for you we are places of refuge from the fight.

We are a banner woven with the fabric of Jesus,
Which radiates his good news for all of us,
That mercy triumphs over judgment,
Vulnerability cripples shame,
Authenticity silences stigma,
Empathy overwhelms isolation,
Courage dethrones fear,
And love heals all wounds.

So, we raise our banner high for you
As a preemptive invitation of sorts.
To pledge that we are in this with you.
So that if and when you need us,
You can reach out.
Because friend,
We love you,
You matter,
And you don’t have to be alone.