Share Your Story

Stories are sacred and possess the ability to bring hope and wisdom to others in similar circumstances. That is why we are asking you to consider sharing your story!

You are brave and courageous for even investigating this far. ITWY gives you our word that we will handle your story with honor and dignity if you do decide to share.

Information, Guidelines, and Instructions to Know

1. Click the appropriate button below to visit the story sharing portal.

2. Through the portal, you can submit your story in one of two forms: A) You can share your story by answering the questions in the provided Q&A format OR B) You can creatively write a narrative form of your story and submit it.

3. You can identify your story by giving your first name or you can share it anonymously or choose to use an alias name.

4. Your submission will be edited by ITWY for grammar, unclear language, identifying information, and possible length, but the integrity of your story will remain intact. Also since the Q&A format asks a series of questions, ITWY may not use every answer you submit.

5. When sharing, please do not include identifying information like the name of your partner, high school, hometown, etc. If you do, ITWY will change that information in the editing process.

6. ITWY does NOT guarantee that your story will be shared on the website. Remember that ITWY features stories to help bring perspective and wisdom to other people who may be in a similar crisis. Thus, share your story with that in mind.