Stories are sacred and powerful.

Below are the stories of courageous individuals who have walked through the struggle of a crisis pregnancy or of a past abortion.

Their stories inspire, bring hope, and raise awareness of circumstances that often are not talked about.

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Female Crisis Pregnancy Stories

Female, Pregnancy, 17, High School
“Was I afraid to tell my parents? Um, YEAH!”

Pregnancy, Female, 18, Drug Abuse
“The women from the pregnancy center became my greatest mentors and friends.”

Pregnancy, Female, 27
“My boyfriend’s parents wanted us to stay together, to get married, to uphold THEIR agenda”

Pregnancy, Female, 18, Drug Abuse
“Ok God, if this is your idea of a wake up call, I hear you.”

Pregnancy, Female, 23, Depression
“I had found the oasis of hope my heart had been begging for.”

Pregnancy, Female, 22, College, Abuse
“The Lord brought the right people into my life to help me hold on.”

Female After Abortion Stories

Abortion, Female, 19
“The first step in this healing process is telling your story to someone.”

Abortion, Female, 22, College
“If these people only knew, they wouldn’t accept you…”

Female, 21, Abortion, College
“I was embraced by people who didn’t judge me…”

Male Crisis Pregnancy Stories

Male After Abortion Stories

Abortion, Male, 17, High School
“As I shared my story, I struggled to speak the words aloud…”