The “Me Too” Questionnaire

The “Me Too” Questionnaire

Commonly Reported Experiences After Abortion

If you are struggling after a past abortion, you are likely experiencing similar issues as others who have been in your position. This “Me Too” Questionnaire may benefit you in two ways:

  1. This questionnaire will show you the challenges other people report after an abortion. As you see common issues that you might have experienced, this can help you find perspective that you are “not the only one” and hopefully will reduce some of the weight of stigma you may feel for having them.
  2. This questionnaire could also highlight to you some areas of unhealthy life patterns or struggles that may have been impacted by your abortion story that you were unaware of. This new perspective may benefit you process the foundation of these patterns and struggles with professional help or specialized organizations.

What this Questionnaire is NOT Intended For

  1. This questionnaire should NOT be used as a professional medical assessment of your psychological health. This is meant to help you as a self-reflection only. ITWY always encourages you to seek professional help.
  2. This questionnaire is NOT intended to guilt or shame you for your past choice of abortion. Rather, this intends to simply help you see more clearly what you are walking through and you relate to other people who have experienced an abortion.
Do you share these common experiences that others report an occurrence or increase of after an abortion?"Me Too"
Extreme Anger
Unresolved Guilt
Lack of Motivation
Trouble Sleeping
Flashbacks to the Abortion
Hallucinations dealing with the abortion
Nightmares pertaining to the abortion
Suicidal Thoughts
Losing interest in things that you once loved
Avoiding people and places that remind you of the abortion
Being impacted negatively by the anniversary of the abortion, the due date of my aborted child, and/or Mother’s/Father’s Day
Being impacted negatively by seeing social media posts of pregnancy announcements, sonograms, newborn photos, etc.
Being impacted negatively when abortion is mentioned in everyday conversation, in the news, or on social media
If female, having the fear that you won’t be able to get pregnant in the future when you want to
Feeling emotionally disconnected from babies and young children when you are around them
Carrying anger/bitterness towards others involved in abortion (significant other, parents, doctor, etc.)
Keeping the abortion a secret and having fear that others will find out
Fearing bad things will happen because of the past abortion and/or you blame bad things that have happened as punishment for the past abortion
Burying the memory/emotion of the abortion in hobbies, work, relationships, etc.
Your relationship with your friends has suffered
Your spiritual life with God has suffered
The amount and frequency of your alcohol use has increased
Your struggle with unhealthy eating habits has increased
Your struggle with unhealthy sexual activity has increased
The frequency of your drug use has increased
Your tendency to self-harm has increased
Total “ME TOO” #