Who is In This With You?

First things first…Welcome to the In This With You blog! ⚐ ⚐ ⚐

Maybe you’ve wandered here after watching the “We Are a Banner” video. Maybe a friend sent you the link to our website. No matter how you’ve stumbled across this blog, we’re thankful you’re here.

Before we explain who we are and what we’re doing, it’s important for you to know that ITWY is not about us. ITWY is about you. It’s about helping you love and support your people.

That being said, here’s an introduction to who ITWY is…

ITWY is a family of ordinary people who want to preemptively offer love and support to friends that are struggling after an abortion or during a current crisis pregnancy. Here, isolation is met with friendship. Stigmas are met with empathy. Shame is met with shared courage.

ITWY is an alternative way of doing things. We aren’t here to reach for power to dictate a person’s actions or beliefs with political and legislative authority. Instead, we choose to gain trust by selflessly serving and loving our friends in difficult circumstances.

ITWY is a message, not of contentious slogans picketed on cardboard signs, but of hope, empathy, healing, grace, and truth revealed in genuine friendship.

ITWY is an experiment with more questions than answers. We are always testing, searching, and listening to understand if there is a better way of helping people walk through such a delicate and controversial situation.

ITWY is a belief that a better future will not come by the fixated proclamation of what is wrong with abortion, but by a continued proclamation of this good news: Jesus’ perfection covers all our wrongs. Perhaps cultural conviction and repentance are not driven by the loud articulation of moral rights and wrongs, but by the kindness of Jesus demonstrated through his people in the midst of suffering and brokenness.

ITWY is a website that offers simple and helpful resources for people experiencing a crisis pregnancy or after abortion struggles.

ITWY is a work in progress that will have moments of positive impact and moments of failure. We will learn and relearn lessons in the process. We believe this is a sign of growth, and will only serve to test our movement’s resolve to repent, adjust, and move forward to best help a hurting world.

ITWY is a story of grace written by a loving God who is on the edge of his seat, just waiting for his wandering children (all of us) to come home. He knows every second of our pasts and hidden shames, and He deeply loves us.

ITWY is a commitment to listen, love, serve, and stand next to those in need, regardless of their current or future choices.

ITWY is an invitation for everyone to participate. Whether you choose to offer support by “raising your banner” or you are a person in need of friendship and support, you are invited to participate in the movement.

ITWY is you. Only you have the ability to love and support your friends. There are people around you who are hidden underneath the weight of shame, and you can help. While you aren’t an expert, a therapist, or a hero, you are a friend who can make a difference simply by showing up, listening, and loving.


So will you join the growing community of banner raisers in the In This With You movement?

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